An editorial design course on Charles Bukowski.

In 2011/2012 I participated in an editorial design course by Jenny 8 del Corte Hirschfeld. Based on his poems the class formed several solutions to transport Charles Bukowski and his unique literature. We made magazines, books, scrolls and animations. The whole series of work was shown at an exhibition called DON'T TRY on January 30th 2012 at art school. The pieces I worked on:

POETRY SLAM, poetry magazine | slide 3 & 4

PUMP ROOM JOURNAL booze, brews and news | 5

FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN GOD, a dirty old bilble | 6 - 8

BLUEBIRD a white board animation | 9

A LOVE POEM / LICKED, typographic short movie | 10

THE LAUGHING HEART, animated scroll