12h in conflict. An exhibition in summer 2010.

In summer semester 2010 I participated in a class called "showdown" in the first meeting we
collected pairs wich are in some kind of konflict with each other: This is a selection of work with
which I took part in the exhibition:

a) With the help of two dice one is able to generate work specifications for the design process.
The game provides new food for thought and serves a decision to develop further project ideas.
The number should be limited to one throw per project. Cooperation project with Friedel Lesch.

b) A typographic short movie. The film was shown on two parallel tv screens.

c) The work consists of two hundred hot metal printed paper bags. Rip off, psst, boom! A project
in cooperation with Friedel Lesch.

Watch the production video of "PSST VS BOOM" made by Jan Stoerkel!