A project in cooperation with Lukas Fiala in Darmstadt, December 2011.

It is about handprinted posters, through combining letterpress and silkscreenprinting. The folded, perforated and tacked Posters are serving as magazines, but can be reopened and hung up.The magazines were for free and include the manifesto of ROUGH ABER REAL. The exhibition, which included a poetry-lecture and a concert, took place the 15.12.2011 at the Zucker in Darmstadt.


- More than slang, more than a design concept.
- An attitude focused on the aesthetics of honesty and purity.
- Means: meeting, conversation and shared experiences.
- Keep it simple: "Vom Herz mit Kopf von Hand"

Lucas and I came up with the idea while we were standing outside the print workshop of our university. We looked through the window saw the machines and agreed that we've got to use them. - Although we are in the same semester we didn't do a project together and knew each other just from small talks. But this was "the beginning of a beautiful friendship".- So, while we we're joking around in some kind of hip hop slang the catchphrase "ROUG ABER REAL" was born. We didn't really know why but in some way there was a spirit in it. So we wanted to figure out what it was and how to express what we had to say.

... Well we both got a passion for big letters and this special smell of fresh printed ink that kept pushing us through the whole project as well.

The video shows the entire work process in rough-aber-real-mobile-phone-quality and was also presented at the exhibition.